Common Sort is a Buy-Sell-Trade fashion retailer with three locations in Toronto, ON. We buy casual, trendy clothing and accessories in great condition. We are the spot for finding contemporary, designer brands and sometimes vintage for cheap, in almost brand-new condition. If you are looking to downsize your closet, find something no one else has, like the hunt, find something you missed from your favourite brand’s past seasons, like modern clothing but don’t like supporting unethical and big box brands, or want to trade old clothes for new, we are the place for you!

Common Sort Parkdale
1414 Queen St. W
Toronto, ON. M6K 1L9

Common Sort Riverside
800 Queen St. E
Toronto, ON. M4M 1H7

Common Sort Annex
444 Bloor St. W
Toronto, ON. M5S 1X8

Questions? feel free to call any of our locations or email info@commonsort.com
Advertising, sponsorships, collaborations? contact: alex@commonsort.com