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Common Sort | 4 Brands To Check OutThere are so many clothing brands out there, and with the nature of our job we get to see a ton of them – it’s pretty awesome, if you ask us. It goes without saying that we have come across a lot of brands that deserve a bit more hype. They are certainly not unknown, but unless you really pay attention to indie brands, you may have never heard of them. We will be starting a series of posts about brands you may have never heard of but we think you should!

Common Sort | 4 Brands To Check OutCommon Sort | 4 Brands To Check OutAce & Jig

Based in New York, NY and Portland, OR, ace&jig is a union between textile and design. All textiles are their own yarn-dye, woven fabric made in India, with each collection having changing silhouettes and colours, but always anchored by the stripe. They look to create pieces that are both seasonless and timeless; pieces that feel effortless and can be styled and worn many ways. Wullf

Lykka Wullf is an L.A. based line that’s designs are a reflection of designer Jemma’s background in England, Denmark and now California; Scandinavian minimalist, California cool and European eccentric. Her designs call to mind decades past, while remaining contemporary and fresh in vision.

Common Sort | 4 Brands To Check OutCommon Sort | 4 Brands To Check OutMaryam Nassir Zadeh

MNZ is both retailer and showroom, as well as accessories designer in NYC. Maryam has an undeniably clear and fresh voice in all aspects of her brand, but it’s her shoes that have caught our eye. Her designs are inspired by the 70s, 80s and 90s, along with her classic and clean personal style, and shaken up a bit with unique colors and combinations. Rather than after thought, her shoes are the type that you build your outfit around.

Common Sort | 4 Brands To Check OutCommon Sort | 4 Brands To Check OutPaloma Wool

Based in Barcelona, Paloma Wool is more than just a clothing brand, it is a project based around the act of getting dressed and ideas created around that act. It’s easy to see that her collections are made not just for wear but with an artistic vision in mind. Her clothes are simple and wearable, and look just as good on as they do coming off.