Selling Guide

Common Sort | A Selling GuideWe frequently get questions about how to sell to us, and we usually give a spiel similar to this…“Bring your clothes in a bag, we buy seasonally and right now we are buying for _____. We price what we want for the store and of that price you get 50% in store credit or 25% in cash”…that’s the very basic information we give, but have you ever wondered how we really pick pieces for the store? What are the big no-nos for us that will possibly help you decide what items to bring to us before you lugg over a heavy bag. In this post we are going to give you the low down on how it works here and what we look for.Common Sort | A Selling Guide


WHO: Anyone! We buy women and mens clothing, and we are always looking for great mens stuff since we don’t see it as much. If you are looking to downsize your closet and have some pieces that feel too special to donate, or you are looking to trade some old clothes for new ones, we are the place for you!

WHAT: We buy casual clothes you could wear from day to night, as well as accessories like hats, bags, shoes and gloves. We do not buy jewelry. We are all about trendy pieces, well-known brands, some designer and some vintage. We look for pieces in great condition (no holes, stains, wear, etc.) BUT! there are some things that are cool with wear…that grungy band tee…we might like that.

WHERE: We have three locations in Toronto; Parkdale (West end) at 1414 Queen St. W , Riverside (East end) at 800 Queen St. E and Annex (North-West end) at 444 Bloor St. W

WHEN: We buy everyday on a first come, first serve basis. It is hard to say what day or time of day is best (ie, not busy). Weekends and Mondays are always busy, you can be sure of that. “The earlier you come in the better” is a general rule we tell people. The Summer is always busy for us, like REALLY busy, and we have been known to turn people away if they come too late in the day.

HOW: Bring your clothes in a bag, we generally say a 3 grocery bag maximum so as not to overwhelm our buyers and allow for everyone who comes in to be able to sell to us that day. Our buyers will give you an estimated time of how long it will take to look through your items and price them based on how much you brought in and how many people are ahead of you. During that time you are free to wait, shop around the store or go about your errands and come back by the end of day. We do not hold items over night, so please make sure you bring them on a day when that works for you. Be aware that if you bring in a lot of designer items, it’s going to take longer – we authenticate each designer piece, and that takes significantly more time.Common Sort | A Selling Guide


SEASON: We buy seasonally and we are pretty strict about that. Feel free to give us a call (416-463-7678) if you are not sure what season we are buying for, but our website is usually up to date with that information. However, we do have exceptions to the rule. If it’s a great designer piece that is out of season, we may very well take it. On-trend brands like ACNE, any Aritzia brand, Rag & BoneAlexander Wang, to name a few, we will probably take out of season, as long as it’s in good condition.

CONDITION: Condition really matters to us and can make or break a piece. It’s always a good idea to wash your clothes before you bring them to us; if something has a smell (smoke, B.O, and the like) we won’t take it. Particular things we look for is piling, armpit stains, yellowing collars, moth holes (or any hole), rips (unless it’s trendy rips, like in your jeans!), missing buttons, broken zippers, broken elastic, worn down heels on shoes…those are the types of things that will usually cause us to say no to a piece. If you have the time, it would be in your favour to sew on any missing buttons and do spot removal where possible.

STYLE: Style is really a hard one to explain. Knowing what is on-trend in fashion will definitely help you pick the right things to bring in. If you aren’t really sure it’s always a great idea to browse through our store and check out the type of clothes we have. Brands that are usually popular for us are Aritzia brands, Rag & Bone, ACNE, JCrew, Club Monaco, Alexander Wang, JBrand, Levi’s, Philip Lim, Oak + Fort, Vans, Converse, Frank & Oak, Chanel, Celine, Coach, Zara, Frye, Hunter, COS, Dr. Martens, Topshop, Elizabeth & James and vintage pieces if they are in great condition and currently trendy…the list certainly goes on, but what you can gather from those examples is that they are brands that are usually well made and/or pretty much always on trend.

We hope you find this helpful and feel free to call if you have any further questions;
Riverside: 416-479-3517
Parkdale: 416-463-7678
Annex: 416-532-5990